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by MindcologyHK

The Peculiar Mind podcast focuses on raising awareness about mental health problems and providing safe spaces to exchange ideas and stories. Our aim is to have a versatile group of individuals as guest speakers in our podcast episodes in order to spark discussions that entail a multitude of perspectives. Henceforth, we hope to spark discussions in regards to what MindcologyHK feels is of paramount importance to address, as well as serve the ideas and suggestions of our audience. Feel free to DM us on our Instagram @mindcologyhk if you have any suggestions for a podcast episode, would like to be a guest speaker, or have any feedback for us!

Linked below on the photo is the mindcologyHK Spotify account that includes our podcast "The Peculiar Mind". If you would like to listen to our podcast episodes, simply click on the icon below or search up "The Peculiar Mind" on Spotify.

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