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amazing non-profit organizations and projects we are involved and featured in:


by audrey yung and kylie chong

"I’m not enough is a website that aims to bring light to the different mental struggles teens might be facing but are not commonly talked about! As teenagers ourselves we acknowledge that there are lots misconceptions towards mental illnesses! Our goal is to debunk these misconceptions and raise awareness on these issues through our website!"


by chinmayi balusu

mindcologyhk is apart of Neural Network, a group of 51+ organizations and initiatives centered around neuroscience, psychology, mental health, disability advocacy, and other related interdisciplinary topics and issues.


"Through this network, student-led initiatives work together through unparalleled multi-dimensional partnerships, social media amplification, and logistical support."

Student Action Archive

"The SAA is a collection of stories, opinions and experiences submitted by student activists worldwide. This compilation presents an opportunity for youth voices to be heard by a global audience and in turn, inspire others to make a difference in their community. By connecting youth, we hope to encourage readers to explore their own journey towards civic responsibility."

"The SAA also seeks to highlight the importance of including youth voices in decision-making spaces globally. The final ebook will be shared with Youtheoria's global audience, like-minded organizations, and local/national governments to advocate for greater international student advocacy infrastructure. We strive to be a source of inspiration and connection for youth activists around the world, generating more youth-led initiatives, advocacy, and empowerment."

The Global Spectator

by ziyad broker and eshaan chaurasia

"The Global Spectator is a political review dedicated to highlighting the varied and valued views of global citizens in the ever-changing political landscape."

"If you are interested in writing for us, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the following email address:"

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