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Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Hi everyone! My name is Nicole Lau and I am currently a grade 12 student at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong. I am also the founder Chief Executive officer of MindcologyHK. I am passionate about sports (basketball and volleyball), instruments (flute, piano, guitar), music (r&b and rap), psychobiology, and advocacy. 

Mental health is of paramount importance in the 21st century, to say the least. Especially with social media being extremely prominent in our lives and the constant bombardment of picture-perfect lifestyles, there is a lot of pressure that society has to face in order to live up to the unrealistic expectations we are exposed to on a daily basis. Henceforth, with mental health being a stigmatized topic in today’s society, it makes individuals feel as if their struggles are not worthy of expressing, and ultimately acts as an obstacle for individuals who are in need of obtaining the help they deserve. I am beyond excited to work with this team of talented and hardworking individuals in order to advocate and educate others regarding the significance of mental wellness and mental illness while creating a safe space for everyone to express their thoughts and emotions. I am hoping for everyone to always take away something when viewing our platform, subsequently inspiring them to contribute and/or spark their own change in our society. Furthermore, I am thrilled to implement the amazing ideas we have and create a long-lasting impact not only in my community, but also on a larger scale. 


Chief Operating Officer

Hi all, my name is Joanne and I am a Grade 12 student studying in CDNIS. Within MindcologyHK, I am the Chief Operating Officer. Mental health has always been a topic that I held much interest in due to my own personal experiences as well as the experiences of those around me, which is why I joined MindcologyHK in order to continue raising awareness about mental illness as well as further educate myself. I've always wanted to help give back to the community and help those in need, which is why I am also part of the Habitat for Humanity CDNIS chapter as well as GloHelp (a COVID relief initiative) team. In my free time, I enjoy reading and writing as well as baking and playing volleyball.

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Assistant & Marketing Executive

Hey Everyone! My name is Kiara and I am currently in Grade 12 at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong. I am extremely excited to be a part of the Mindcologyhk team, and I hope that it will be a way for us to not only spread awareness about the mental health struggles that are faced by many in today's society but also to be able to communicate with and help individuals to cope and deal with these struggles. I want to ensure that individuals struggling know they aren’t alone and we are always here to support them. Outside of Mindcologyhk, my friend and I founded an initiative called Step4ward to raise money in order to donate food to FeedingHK, which distributes food to underprivileged communities in Hong Kong, as this has been increasingly difficult with the ongoing pandemic. I also enjoy playing volleyball and have played for the CDNIS team.


Social Media Director

Hi, my name is Alicia and I’m a grade 12 student at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong. I am really excited to be serving as the Social Media Director of Mindcology HK. Poor mental health and illness is a serious issue that affects millions of people globally. Through Mindcology HK, I will be able to spread awareness about these issues and different ways to cope with them. I hope to contribute to creating a safe space for others to express their feelings and seek support and advice. I look forward to working with other students and individuals, and creating a positive and safe community! In my free time, I enjoy playing volleyball, surfing, hiking, and stand-up paddleboarding. I am also part of the animal welfare club at CDNIS which helps to advocate for the well-being and rights of animals.

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Creative Director

Hi, my name is Erin, I’m in grade 12 and I’m currently attending the Canadian International School of Hong Kong. I believe mental health is an important issue that impacts every individual regardless of age, gender, coming from origin. Being a part of Mindcology HK allows me to create a positive impact on the community, and I believe that working with others to help people in need is crucial. If I’m not drawing or playing the piano you can probably catch me taking a nap (or scrolling through Reddit). I am looking forwards to working with other students and talented individuals and spreading awareness about mental health through amazing artwork.



Public Relations Officer

Hello, my name is Angelina and I am a 16-year-old student in 12th grade at the Canadian International School. I’m originally from Switzerland and Germany but moved here almost two years ago. MindcologyHK has always inspired me because of its dedication to effectively reaching out to youth on a platform such as Instagram, which allows for visibility and destigmatization of some “taboo” issues. I’m honored to join the Mindcology team as the PR officer, working closely with the team to reach out and collaborate with external organizations. As part of the outreach team, I will also be helping Mindcology gain traction in order to reach as many people as possible. In my free time, I love to be active, primarily through dance, tennis, and hiking. Those are my “escapes” from the stress of being an IB student!


Marketing Manager

Hi! My name is Diya and I study at the Canadian international school of Hong Kong in grade 12. I am grateful for my position as marketing manager of MindcologyHK and am excited about all the great things we are going to accomplish as a team. I joined MindcologyHK because I am extremely passionate about mental health and believe that the organization is a great way to advocate for and address these issues.  My hobbies include painting, playing the piano, reading, and playing tennis. Other initiatives I’m part of include another student-led club called Inclusivity HK where I act as the co-creative director as well as being the marketing manager for Cooking for a Cause, a CDNIS based club. Other projects I’m involved in include working with refugees to lead monthly art classes for refugee children as well as organizing various donation drives for the community. Through my position, I hope to promote the club, spread awareness, and contribute to creating a safe space and society. I am so glad to be working with this amazing team and making a positive impact!

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